Kabir Panth

What is Kabir Panth?

Kabir Panth is the path of Bhakti started by God Kabir. God Kabir appeared himself on this earth in 1398 CE and ventured on this earth for 120 years before departing to his real eternal home Satlok in 1518 CE. He gave true knowledge about his own worship. This was recorded by a disciple of God Kabir named Dharamdas in a scripture called "Kabir Sagar". Kabir Sagar gives information about the creation of universe, and how souls got trapped on this earth and reason behind their sufferings. God Kabir also showed the path of salvation so as to reach the eternal abode satlok.

What are Kabir Panthis?

The followers of Kabir Panth are called Kabir Panthis. There are various Kabir Panthi sects throughout India. The most famous are the ones in Damakheda and Varanasi.

God Kabir appeared in Varanasi, so there is an arbitrary sect running from there. God Kabir did not give any orders for this sect to be started.

There is another sect in Damakheda which was stared by Dharamdas (disciple of God Kabir). God Kabir had granted permission to Dharamdas to start this sect in Damakheda. However God Kabir had also warned that this sect of Dharamdas would get corrupted very soon and will not provide the means of true worship. As a result the worship and initiation given by the Damakheda gurus will be useless.

There is information about the descendants of Dharamdas Ji on this website with evidence from Kabir Sagar where it proves that the Damakheda sect will be a useless sect. 

Kabir Sagar gives the knowledge about 42 generations (vansh) of Saint Dharamadas ji and native seats of Damakheda.

Which other Kabir Panths are false / fake?

There are a few other Kabir Panths prevalent in India and abroad which are false / fake.

  • Kabir panth Damakheda and all its affiliated branches throughout India and abroad are fake Kabir Panths.
  • Madhu Param Hans who has an Ashram in Ranjri, Jammu, India and many other ashrams abroad is another fake Kabir Panthi. 
  • Seat of Ardhnam Saheb in Varanasi is also a false Kabir Panth.
  • Likewise Mahants and Acharyas from fake Kabir gaddi in Lahartala, Kabir Chaura and Maghar are also false. Their respective seats in Surinam, Holland, Mauritius etc are also false. 
  • Sect of Parkhi Sant Abhilash Das is another false Kabir Panth.
  • Kabir Panth by Madan Pati is yet another fake Kabir Panth. God Kabir has given distinct knowledge in Kabir Sagar about this fake sect. 
  • Apart from this there are many smaller Kabir Panths in various other Indian states such as Gujarat, Odisha etc and other countries which are all false.

Which is the only True Kabir Panth in this Universe?

The only true Kabir Panth is that of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. All the other existent Kabir Panths are false and do not grant true worship and true initiation. Hence they cannot provide salvation to their disciples. Only Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has the true worship and true naam (initiation) which can cause the welfare of a soul.

Last update: March 17th, 2020